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“PAX VOBISCUM” - por Yara Maura Silva

Acrostic by Yara Maura Silva
In memoriam of Monsignor Kerr

M onsignor William A. Kerr  - A Tribute
O ne of the blessed persons with a blessed plan:
N o borders and no wars. The world free from the cage.
S earching good deeds with a little help from his friends,
I n a way that no one would refuse to engage.
G od's shepherd, God's lamb, praying for “Pacem in Terris”:
N othing was impossible for this visionary.
O ne by one, all in need were receiving haven,
R elief, faith and hope from God's missionary.
K err was always gracious, warm, generous and kind.
E levated spirit, friend without parallel. 
R emember his life on Earth, for now he's in Heaven,
R esting in the arms of the God he served so well.

© 2009 Yara M Silva - All Rights Reserved

From: "Cercle Univ. Ambassadeurs de la Paix"  - Date: September 17, 2015 1:52:37 AM EDT - To: Yara Maura Siva - Subject: Re: Acrostic by Yara Maura - Ambassadeur de la Paix - Brazil USA - Reply-To: "Cercle Univ. Ambassadeurs de la Paix" 

thank you very much for this text!
beautiful day for peace
Gabrielle Simond President
From: Yara Maura SivaMonicatoo -  Thursday, September 17, 2015 2:21 AM - To:"Cercle Univ. Ambassadeurs de la Paix" - Subject: Acrostic by Yara Maura - Ambassadeur de la Paix - Brazil USA
New York, September 2015
To the Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de la Paix  
From: Yara Maura Silva - Ambassadeur de la Paix - Brazil USA
To: MMe. Gabrielle Simond,Présidente du Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de la Paix France/Suisse
Dear MMe. Gabrielle Simond,
Here is an Acrostic by Yara Maura In memoriam of her beloved friend Monsignor Kerr, who was
born on the 22nd of September in 1940.
Monsignor William Kerr’s life was an awe inspiring example of spreading peace.
When he was the president of La Roche College, he created the PACEM IN TERRIS INSTITUTE to bring students from war-torn nations to study at La Roche and send them back home to work for peace.  Afterwards he was recruited to be the Executive Director of the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington D.C. where he transformed the Center into a think tank focused on interreligious understanding.
He also created the prestigious John Paul II Peace Prize, which is awarded to individuals who have strived for peace.

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